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What to expect from your home inspection process


Booking your inspection is simple: 


Step 1. Fill out the "BOOK YOUR INSPECTION FORM".


Step 2. We will contact you shortly by phone.


Step 3. We confirm the price, date and time with you and your realtor.




Every inspection, every home and everyone of our clients is different. We make sure to accommodate each clients specific needs, so just let us know if you have specific concerns. But here is how it usually goes...


Once we have set up the time and price with you, the inspector will talk with your realtor to acquire access to the home. We will then set up a "walk through" time with you and your realtor. Most inspections take us around 2-3 hours. We perform your inspection and will meet you at the property at the scheduled "walk through" time.


Our motto is


"If you still have a question,

then we're not through with your inspection!"


During this time we walk through our findings with you in person. We do not leave until all of your questions are answered. We love educating our clients about their home. This is a great chance to learn tips on home maintenance and things that your particular home may require in the future. 

Payment is made at that time by cash, check or credit card. 

Your report will be emailed to you within 24 hours. 



Should you come during the entire inspection?


Some of our clients wish to come along for the entire inspection, of course we welcome you to come whenever you wish. But here is why we prefer to go over everything during the walk through time. We know that you are in an option period, and the faster we get you the report, the faster you can get everything accomplished within your option period. When the client is with us, it does impede the report writing time, so it will most likely prevent you from getting your report that same day. We typically perform two to three inspections in a day and the walk through time gives us time to get the majority, if not the entire report finished on site or within normal business hours. It also blocks out time for us to make sure that you understand every aspect of your home, your report and any questions that may come up. But either way, we are here for you! 


And don't forget, your relationship with your Property Doctor does not stop there, when you use the Property Doctors for your inspection, 


We are available to you for life!




    Just 3

easy steps 

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