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Doctor's Orders

Throughout your home inspection report, you will see the image of the Property Doctor. This section will teach you home maintenance tips and advice on saving energy in that category of your report. 

FREE Energy Audit & Reference Guide

With every inspection, our clients will recieve a free 10 category energy audit on their home that comes with a Energy Reference Guide- This is a 53 page summary of the most common and practical residential energy solutions that goes in order with your free energy audit report. (This is NOT the city ECAD audit)


Why? Home inspectors are not trained in energy effeciency and energy auditors are not trained in energy effeciency. Why not get both inspections in one? Where else can you get a un biased energy reprot and information on your report from a highly trained expert, who isn't trying to sell you anything?

It's information your Property Doctor would want to know about his own home that is not required in our state reprorts.  


Home Inspection Report

We raise the bar in every category. We understand how important your home inspection report is to you and your realtor during your tansaction process. We take a plethora of photos and can even send you a video summary if you are unable to attend the inspection in person. One thing we promise, you will not be short on information...

Sample Inspection Reports

The Body of the Home Inspection Report

As you can see, we make sure that your inspection report is easy to understand and communicate. We take pride in surprising our clients with how thorough our inspection reports are.

Pool, Septic, Well, Irrigation and Rain Water Harvesting System Inspection Reports.


You may notice the detail we take throughout the home inspection report. The same goes for all other categories of items that we inspect. You will receive tips, photos, do's and don'ts for all systems. 

And remember, your Property Doctor is available to you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the entire inspection. What a great resource to always have!!

Report Summary

Of course there is a plethora of information throughout the body of your report, but we understand that the summary of your inspection report is the main source of your negotions. We add every defficiency to your summary and itemize the summary to make it easy for negotiations and communication. 

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