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We know our crap... but did your know your septic is 99% water?

Private septic systems can be one of the most costly repairs that a home can have, we have seen repairs cost up to $40,000 after an inspection!


This is why it is vital to have your system properly inspected. Be cautious of septic inspections at a very low rate. There are many components to your future septic system and these items are mostly underground.

We do a FULL SERVICE inspection, this requires a little digging to be properly inspected. We don't charge extra for digging, we see it as part of a proper inspection.


Do you have to get your septic pumped to have it inspected?


No, but you will get a much better inspection if you do. We can not guarantee the structural integrity of your tank if it is not pumped at the time of the inspection. Remember that we have inspected literally thousands of systems, we have seen the consequences of not properly maintaining a septic system or not having it properly inspected.


One of the reasons is that septic need to be pumped every 3 years and again it is highly, highly recommended to have it pumped at the time of the inspection.

Not pumping a system regularly can cause a number of different issues and can damage the system and can even require that the system be replaced in some cases. So don't let anyone tell you different. It is like changing the oil in your car. It is a good and necessary thing.


If you look at the diagram to the left, you will see that the septic tank operates full of water and effluent. You can see how difficult it would be to inspect every component of your tank from ground level when it is full of murky water. There are many items in your tank that cannot be seen by the inspector if the septic tank is full, including possible fractures in the bottom of your tank. Pumping the system gives us to inspect your tank with an extended camera. 


One thing to keep in mind...


Home inspectors are allowed to inspect septic systems with ZERO training in the state of Texas. ZERO...

You may find home inspectors that offer septic system inspections for a very low price. Please be careful. We have seen, on multiple occasions inspectors doing a "walk over" inspection and costing the client tens of thousands of dollars down the road. From missed clogged drain fields to large tree roots fracturing the tank causing the tank to leak. ​We are not trying to scare you, but if you do not end up hiring the Property Doctors for your septic inspection, please ask what qualifications your chosen inspector has. Be very cautious if the septic inspection cost less than $200.

We charge $250 and we take $25 off your septic inspection if we perform your home inspection at the same time, since we are already at the property it saves you money.


What are our qualifications?  


There are only two Professional Home Inspectors in the state of Texas that are also licensed level 1 septic system installers.

One is Brett Tutor, owner of Property Doctors

and the other is Chet Tutor, Brett's grandfather.

We are happy to refer you to other inspectors, installers and contractors.


We are here for one reason, to make sure that our clients get the best possible inspection on every aspect of their home and that they get every bit of information possible so that they can make the most informed possible decision for their home buying process. 




Questions about your septic system inspection?

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