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Your Property Doctors go WAY above an beyond what is required by the Texas standards of practice.

Here is why...

The Property Doctor Inspectors are all licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commission. TREC dictates our standards of practice, here is a link of what we are required to do and what we are not.





Texas inspectors are only only required to do a "visual" inspection, and the truth is that we don't even have to use any tools, and many inspectors don't.

But we didn't become one of the fastest growing inspection companies in the state by doing the bare minimum...


We love tools, trust me... We have more than enough to do the job and then some...


We believe that you cannot do a proper roof inspection from the ground, it is very rare that there is a roof that we cannot access. We also feel you have to remove electrical panels to do a proper electrical inspection.


We do much, much more than just a "visual" inspection. Of course we do not own the home so we can't disassemble everything, but we do everything that we are allowed to do in regards to opening and operating every system of your home. 

We just pretend that we are buying the house. And give you all the information that we would want to know.


But in addition to all of this, we do quite a bit of extra work for you, at no additional charge to you. We just feel that you should get all of the information, documentation including extra photos of issues and education on your home that we ourselves would want if we were buying the home for ourselves.

For example, you get...



A FREE Energy Audit 

Energy effeciency and especially enegy wast is very important to us. But home inspectors are not required to have ANY training in energy effeciency....

So you cannot become a Property Doctor until you are not only the best home inspector, but also a certified energy auditor.

We give you 10 additional inspected categories at no charge, we just feel that you should know if your wasting energy, if you could save additional money and educate you on your homes energy systems, better materials or products and what your utilities will look like once you move in. It is your chance to get the best OBJECTIVE advice on your home. We DO NOT SELL anything, we just get tired of seeing people being misled by being sold impractical items. 

Please keep in mind that this IS NOT the sellers required ECAD city energy audit, this will not suffice as it is only additional information for our clients.

Click here to learn more about your free energy audit: 











Don't forget, you also get a FREE 90 DAY WARANNTY on your inspection.

Unfortunately the Property Doctors don't have a crystal ball despite our overly thorough inspection. But just in case an inspected item in your future home decides to break within 90 days after our inspection, we have you covered. Yep, for free. Just fill out the form that you will be sent a link to when you receive your report. 





What We Inspect

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