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Termite, Rodent and Pest Treatment Program 


Every termite, rodent and pest situation is different, from the specie of bug, the structure of the house, the entry points of the bugs, what your particular budget is to what your priorities are regarding chemical applications.


That is why when your home has an uninvited guest crawling around, your Property Doctor will meet with you personally, one on one, and set up a custom program for you and your home. You deal directly with the highly qualified Property Doctor technician, not some automated system. Human to human.


From Organic to Synthetic, termites to carpenter ants, big to tight budget, we guarantee that we will create a custom, personal surgical plan that works for your situation, and we guarantee our work so you can get those bugs and one less thing off of your mind. Custom plans don't cost you more, it's just the only way to do it right. Give us a call: 512.818.3401

Austin Property Doctors: Pest and Termite

Pest & Termite Form

Termite Treatments & Rodent Exclusions

Pest Control

Organic - Synthetic - or both

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