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  • Real Estate Inspector


  • Termite Inspector


  • Certifited Energy Auditor


  • Certified Applicator


  • Organic Pest and Termite Treatment Expert


  • Well Inspector


  • Pool Inspector


  • Irrigation Inspector 

Laren is a one of a kind dude.


He has a unique contrast in character that would be difficult to find anywhere else. 


Laren is a published author and his book "The Power of Perception" is read all over the world. 


Laren also has a passion for yoga and the organic side of the business.


But one thing that many people don't know about Laren is that he is one of the best Wrestling/ Grappling Instructors in the country. He has even trained professional UFC fighters. 


Laren is known as the "organic guy", he has a passion for keeping Property Doctors as Green as possible.

Laren's Bio

Laren Umphlett

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"The Organic Specialist''   

My name is Laren Grey Umphlett. I moved to Austin from Florida in the summer of 2010.


I wear many different metaphorical hats throughout my day, often at the same time. My passions are health, fitness, and athletic training. I've been a fitness trainer for over a decade and I truly enjoy training people. I have practiced and coached several styles of wrestling and grappling for over 20 years and I have met many amazing people from around the world through wrestling.


For the past 10 years I have been a Yoga enthusiast and I find great benefit in the practice of meditation. I have a deep interest in philosophy and the mind, as well as culture and science. I enjoy writing, reading, and art very much. As a nature and animal lover, I'm usually studying something in nature, either down the street or out in the wild.


I also enjoy small towns, old architecture, the sea, road trips, train trips, excellent conversation, good food, and interesting characters of all different backgrounds that I encounter during my adventures.


I am also fond of the humorous and unusual. Around every corner I find something amazing. Life is always as we choose to experience it.


"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor."-Henry David Thoreau

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