Born and raised in Georgetown, Kevin has always had a passion for knowledge in construction. When he was young he would spend hours near construction sites in his neighborhood watching crew’s frame houses and pour foundations. As he grew up he began building things out of scrap lumber from small boats to float down the river to tables and chairs and even peddle cars to race down hills. He was always quick to volunteer as a helper to build stages and backdrops for church plays and even worked with habitat for humanity. At the age of 16 Kevin inherited an entire wood shop of tools from his grandfather. As he learned to use his grandfather’s tools his projects quickly grew in scale. At 18 Kevin was featured in the local newspaper for designing and building an 800 sqft clubhouse for him and his friends. After high school he gained a vast amount of knowledge in the construction industry from working for builders doing everything from fence and decks to complete remodels. In college he interned as a design associate for an architecture firm in Wimberley, TX. After graduating at the top of his class in 2010, Kevin became the youngest member of the mechanical engineering team at Omron Oilfield & Marine in Houston. There he worked closely with engineers and made great progress in developing his skills in structural design. Later he returned to Austin and went to work designing and building rainwater harvesting systems for in home use which ultimately opened the door to home inspecting. After a year with the rainwater company Kevin was invited to accompany OTGI to lead rainwater harvesting projects in the Panamanian jungle. Working closely with Brett, Justice and the OTGI team, Kevin was inspired to pursue a career in Home Inspecting. “My love for problem solving and experience in construction and structural design has provided a solid foundation for home inspecting. I love being able to share my knowledge with clients to help them make educated decisions about such a big part of their lives.