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Justice in Guinea
Brett in the Kibera slums of Kenya, Africa

You should know that when you do business with the Property Doctors, you are in reality doing a whole lot more...

Every Property Doctor is involved in different ways, from local Habitat for Humanity projects, to hiring out of Austin's homeless shelter for general labor, all the way to the slums of Africa. We don't have an exact percentage of what we give away, it's just apart of who we are. So thank you for giving us the opportunity to help others in need.


"Man, it was amazing! All I can think about now is how we can go back and build a septic sytem and a rain water system for those kids! That is what's next!!!"


"It's my passion... I was in Africa for 8 months straight and visited 24 different countries just in Africa. I have traveled around the entire world but there is nothing that I have ever experienced that gave me such joy as working with these children."




"We have over a century of construction experience between us... 

If we get a chance to help our neighbors out, what's more importatnt?"


"This is something that strikes very close to home for our family. 

How do you not try your best to give back to these guys? 

These guys have sacrificed so much and this organization is amazing. I am proud to be apart of it."


Brett rebuilding a home for a Bastrop, TX fire victim.
Matt taking injured veterans on a hunting trip for the Wounded Warriors Foundation

Thank you for giving us the chance to give back...

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