Free Energy Audit


Home inspectors are not trained in energy effeciency and energy auditors are not trained home inspectors.Why not get both in one inspection, by one inspector?


​​It's pretty simple. When we started doing inspections many years ago, we noticed just how importnat energy waste and energy savings was to home buyers. So we thought you should get that information, free from your home inspector.


The city of Austin in some cases requires an ECAD audit by law for the seller. An energy audit is performed by a licensed auditor and disclosed to the buyer, hopefuly. This can cost anywhere from $150- $500. But in many cases that doesn't happen and an energy audit is not required for cities bordering Austin and also if you are not an Austin Energy Utilities client. See Austin Energy's website for ECAD facts.


So every Property Doctor is also a certified enery auditor for this reason... we would want to know this information when buying our own home. We don't sell any products or other services, we just seeing our clients moving into a home that will waste money or to see our clients misled by a salesman. Your Property Doctor is your objective, non biased person to help you make the most informed decision possible about every aspect of your home.


 We audit 10 catgories and you receive this report and a 54 page reference guide (basically just tons of info on energy effecient stuff: tankless water heatrs, solar, rebates etc). We send this to you when we send you the inspection report.


The 10 categories are:


1. Utilites

2. Lighting

3. Thermal Envelope

4, Appliances

5. Insulation/ Radian Barriers


7. Ductwork/ Zoning

8. Water Conservation

9. Alternative Energy

10. Recyling and Reusing And tons of information of rebates and incentives that I gurantee you had no idea how much you could save on some pretty cool stuff.